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Greek Population, You Have a Unique Chance! - by Anette Pekrul

Dear Greek Friends,

I promised three Greek fighters for a change to the better, Stathis, Sheridan and Christiana to write down the thoughts I have for all of you and your country. We met on the internet and it think it is no coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences, because I love the greek history, the country, its philosophers and YOU, the people. So it was also no coincidence, that you, the population, had to face this tremendous crisis. This crisis is your chance! It is your chance to have the biggest influence and the greatest achievements you may not yet be able to imagine. I am convinced, you will lead your country out of the crisis into a SUSTAINABLE and RESILIENT future. As a humanist I am focused since many years, actually since decades, on how to change the world to the better and I was working hard, thinking and fighting a lot, but I always had the feeling that I could not help, move or achieve enough until one day I remembered a quote of Socrates which is:

„The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, 
but on building the new.” 

This wisdom changed everything: my thinking and concepts, my energy and my progress. But still I had many single concepts not yet realized. Looking on all the solutions I created for changing education system, Co2-reduced living, re-creating  important social values like respecting elderly people, organic nutrition, talent support for kids, lifelong learning, changing media system to a high quality information system, create more financial equality, strengthening civic society and strengthening democracy believing in the opportunity of world freedom and a positive future for humanity and our planet ... 

Those were all concepts which were single and standing alone they did not have a big chance for success. The second insight was: ALL BELONGS TOGETHER!  And that was the key for me to create a new living and housing system including all the concepts and providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for the change to the better. (www.balance4yourlife.org) This new holistic living and housing concept can be adapted to your country or the concepts implemented to your villages and cities. One small part of the new education system is on the road, we just launched the website: www.netteachers.comHopefully, we manage this successfully and then bring to Greece ... These are concepts I am working on - also for YOU! I am so happy that the internet provides the opportunity to share my thoughts and work with you. If your friends Christiana, Sheridan and Stathis would not have shared their thoughts on the internet we would most probably not have met. 

I love the "Hellene" concept and share and support as much as I can. And if everybody of us looks at his/her talents, potentials and opportunities and USE them, if we all stick together, trust each other and focus on building  the new by co-working and sharing we will succeed together. For a better today and a better,  sustainable and RESILIENT tomorrow for the future generation. You are not alone! Let's take care and action!



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Go Greek! Go Deep!


GO GREEK! GO DEEP! Launching crowdfunding campaign for Hellene.gr on Indiegogo on June 30! Join me at this event, invite your friends and all Greece lovers!

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/650191661728444/?fref=ts

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Eulen aus Athen presents Zorba The Entrepreneur + Hellene.gr

Eulen aus athen promotes innovations from Greece to a global German speaking audience. Me and my business partner, Sheridan Tatsuno, are very honored to be hosted in Eulen aus Athen for our new ad-venture and transmedia project, Zorba The Entrepreneur + Hellene.gr.

Link: http://eulenausathen.com/2014/05/09/zorba-the-entrepreneur/

Google translate (english): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Feulenausathen.com%2F2014%2F05%2F09%2Fzorba-the-entrepreneur%2F&edit-text=&act=url

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X-clusive presentation of dozeo in Greece / Interview with Mark Egert (COO)

S.K. - Please introduce yourself to the readers of this blog and tell us a bit about the background story of dozeo.

M.E. - My name is Mark Egert and I’m one of the founders and COO of dozeo. Back in 2009 my brother in law had the idea during a boring advanced education of his former employer. Everybody sat in a room in front of big screens. Just in short breaks you got to actually see each other. "Why not do that from home, saving time and money and have more fun", he wondered. In the online market, there existed some solutions, but none was easy to handle, cost transparent and looked well. So he decided - let’s start a project ourselves. That’s were I and another guy stepped in and we started our trip, gladly not knowing what way lays before us...

S.K. - How you identified a market problem and seized the opportunity to solve it? How dozeo differentiates from other established video communication software like Skype for example?

M.E. - Back in 2010, when we started, the bandwidth, the CPU of the computers and Flash were ready that you can build a hassle free browser based solution. Videoconferencing is an old theme from enterprise business, but in 2010 it became an enormous exciting market because everybody could participate now with their normal equipment. One study says that till 2020 67% of all business will use web-videoconferencing. Facial expression and body language is so important for communication. It was just a question of time that people want to see each other more often, even in business.You think Skype is older, you are right, but it’s a nice video chat tool and no real conferencing solution as we and some others are. A lot more people can participate. Ad hoc and planned meetings are possible. Neither a contact before the meeting nor a download is needed. Just a klick on the email-link and you are in. A lot more opportunities like file upload and marking or youtube watching is possible. The most important difference between Skype and all the others is our Rest-API. You can embed us in every software, platform or website in a very easy way. That’s how we are able to pimp match making websites, social enterprise software or social network platforms. Our latest project is with www.mybod-e.de. Here you can book your personal fitness coach and do some workout on the internet - live and interactive. You see, lot’s of opportunities.

S.K. - Greek entrepreneurs search for valuable resources to start rolling with their startups. What would you advise? Bootstrapping or submitting a business plan to a VC and give some equity away?

M.E. - No general answer on this, but I would try to do it without money first. Stay lean if you can. If you have success in the first place you are in much better position to negotiate your position. I never met someone who told me, we had more revenue as expected. I met more people telling me it took longer and it was much harder than expected. There are the big names and their success stories are nice to read and dream. Everybody has to decide himself if he wants to face reality and that means it’s really hard out there. There are a lot of other success stories out there of smaller and globally unknown names, but they are still successful. Everybody reached his goals by working hard and if they are really honest, everybody had a real portion of luck. Don’t believe the self motivators you can reach everything by striving enough. Yes, you will have to bring great effort, but success depends on more and there are parts which you cannot control. If you are a control freak, forget about the entrepreneurial stuff. 

S.K. - Your future plans and goals with Dozeo? How will you conquer global markets?

M.E. - Our growth strategy is connected with our API. We want to pimp established websites and platforms with our service. There is no marketing budget to battle the big guys, so that seems to be the smartest way to reach our goals. I think there is a money free growth strategy out there for every tool - just think about cooperations and partnerships - they can open up complete new perspectives. We also think about starting a second solution just for webinars. Check it out www.getgrasp.io.

S.K. - Please close this interview the way you see fit. Thank you for your time!

M.E. - I want to encourage everyone who thinks about starting a business. It will be hard, harder than you can imagine - but it’s worth every second you are in. Even if you fail the first time(s), learn from it, get up and try again.

Click on the link to TRY dozeo FOR FREEhttp://www.dozeo.com/?aid=33307


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